Framaroot – Fastest Method to Root any Android Devices Without a Computer
Rooting an android phone can be a time taking process . Today we are going to show you the fastest way to Root almost any android phones or tablets without a computer! Using the Same device which you want to Root.! just by installing an app Framaroot. 
Why Root?
Everybody with an Android phone has got into a dilemma of whether to root their phone or not to . While The advantages of rooting are many but a single mistake can make your device an instant paperweight . Rooting an Android phone helps unlocks the many restrictions and unleash the full performance of a phone . After all you’ve paid with your hard earned money and you need to experience the best out of your Android device.
Unlike most Android rooting tools that need you to get your device connected with PC, Framaroot has made the complicated rooting process easier. Framaroot is a one click application that roots almost any android phone or device without the need of a Computer.
Framaroot was developed by alephzain from the XDA forums . 
Direct Download Links
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With one click this app can install the Superuser and Su binary on your phone . Framaroot currently supports phones with Android versions from 2.0 to 4.2 . This is one of the easiest and fastest rooting methods .
Framaroot use 12 major and safe exploits to root your android phone which are Gandalf, Boromir, Sam, Frodo,  AragornGimli, Merry, Legolas, Pippin, Gollum, Faramir and Barahir. I know you must be thinking from where did these characters from The Lord of the rings came into the world of Android .  These exploits must have been discovered by A LOTR  fan :)
You can install the app in your android device and check out if it works, the app won’t brick your phone as it does not touch your kernel, nor flash anything.
!! Important !!
Success with this application void warranty on your device.
Steps to root you android phone without a computer:
Step 1: Download the Framaroot app from the link provided to your phone or computer.
Step 2: Copy downloaded Framaroot app from your computer to your internal storage or external SD card. (follow this step only if downloaded to computer)
Step 3: Install Framaroot app from the apk file.
Step 4: Open the Framaroot App and Select “Install Super Su”
Step 5: Select an exploit. Every phone has a different exploit so don’t worry. First, try the first exploit. It will work for 90%.
If you fail, don’t worry. Your phone has not bricked. Try the other exploits.
Step 6: If you see a “Success … Superuser and su binary installed. You have to reboot your device” message then you have successfully rooted your phone.
Step 7: If you see “Failed … Try another exploit if available” message, don’t worry. Your phone has not bricked. Try the other exploits.
Step 8: After having rooted & rebooted your Android device, you can install a root checker, such as Simple Root Checker, to verify whether your phone or tablet has been successfully rooted or not.
How to unroot ?
Framaroot also supports unrooting your device, and the process of unrooting is as same as the steps of rooting an Android phone or tablet.
If you need help, read the FAQ first before posting your question:
Look at the compatibility list here to see if this application can be useful for your device:
It is compatible with most popular Android devices, such as Motorola phones, Samsung Galaxy series, Huawei devices, LG Optimus series, Lenovo series. If your device is not in the compatibility list and it embed one of the processor mentionned above, the answer is : try it and see :)
  • You are safe as it will not brick your device.
  • The “Boromir” exploit works for most devices. If it is listed there, try that first.
  • Take a backup of your phone.
  • Your phone battery should charge 80% minimum.
Possible case once application is launched:
  • A popup saying “Your device seems not vulnerable to exploit included in Framaroot”, in this case you can uninstall app
  • You seeing one or more exploit name, also click on one after you have selected an action and you will see one of the above messages
Possible case once exploit is selected:
  • “Success  … Superuser and su binary installed. You have to reboot your device”
  • “Failed  … Exploit work but installation of Superuser and su binary have failed”
  • “Half-Success :-/ … system partition is read-only, use local.prop trick. Reboot your device and use adb to see if it run as root”, happen when the filesystem in use on system partition is a read only filesystem (ex: squashfs)
  • “Failed  … Try another exploit if available”
  • Framaroot crash or freeze, in this case relaunch Framaroot a second time and select the same action and exploit
Exploit Details:
  • Sam (affect Exynos devices only)
  • Frodo (affect Exynos devices only)
  • Gimli (affect Omap36XX devices only)
  • Merry (affect Exynos devices only)
  • Aragorn (affect Samsung devices only)
  • Legolas (affect Samsung devices only)
  • Gandalf (affect Qualcomm devices only)
  • Boromir (affect Mediatek devices only)
  • Pippin (affect K3V2 devices only)
  • Gollum (affect AMLogic devices only)
  • Faramir (affect Mediatek devices only)
  • Barahir (affect Mediatek devices only)
Credits :
alephzain - xda