How to Complete Any FileIce SURVEY
There are many Pay Per Download(PPD) sites, which asked you to complete the surveys to download file. Users are required to fill up these online surveys or download and install games before they can proceed and get the stuff that they want. For most users, these online surveys are very annoying and time-consuming and many times, filling up surveys doesn’t guarantee that the content they’re looking for will be provided. That’s why many users would just like to block, disable or bypass these online surveys so they can get immediate access to the stuff that they’re looking for.
File Ice is one of the best (worst for people like us) site among these survey sites. But there is a point where all these survey sites fail. And that point is what we use to download any survey blocked file in easy and fast steps. Want to know ? keep reading
This trick works best with Google Chrome Browser
Video Guide
Direct Download Links
Instructions in Text
  1. Go to Chrome Store and install Zenmate extention. Enable it
  2. An icon will appear next to the address bar, click on it
  3. Now turn on Zenmate extention using the toggle given in bottom
  4. Then click Change Location. Make USA as your current location
  5. Now go to Menu > Tools > Clear Browsing Data.. in chrome
  6. Clear All time History, Cache and Cookies (you can also use incognito mode, but you have enable zenmate for incognito mode)
  7. Now go to any fileice survey link (ex :
  8. Now select ‘Regular Download’ option
  9. You will see number of surveys. Select a survey that ends with word ‘Card’
  10. From Next page, click No thanks,Continue link which appears on top right
  11. Now Just complete the text boxes or other fields with fake info.
  12. If it asks for an email, use a fake mail address using :
  13. If it asks for phone numbers,zip codes etc.., use this site to generate fake details :
  14. At the end of this your file will downloaded automatically :)