Serial Key Maker
Serial Key Maker enables .NET developers to easily incorporate Serial Key Protection into their software. Developers can spend their time working on the core functionality of their application without having to worry about the details of protecting it. It allows the software to be time-limited for demo use, and also allows for full license protection when users purchase the software – without requiring re-installation.
Key Features
  • Create Secure, Human-readable software license keys
  • Effortless Implementation
  • Create Non-Expiring Keys
  • Create Time-limited, Demo keys
  • Bulk Key Generation – Create multiple keys in one click
  • Up to 1000 keys per generate
  • Key Exporter – Export keys in multiple formats
  • String Encryption – Utility included utility to quickly encrypt strings using your own private key.
    Feature Locking – Ability to lock up to 5 features
    Machine Locking – Ability to lock a license key to a particular machine
  • Freeform Text Store unlimited details like name/address inside the license key
  • License Wrapping – Applications
    Wrap ANY Windows based application (C++, Access, Delphi, .Net, Word, Excel, PDF, etc) with license key logic
    Programatically Generate License Keys
    API Extension allows you to generate license keys from your code – via web service, or networked application.
How to activate?
Direct Download Links
  1. Install SerialKeyMaker trial setup
  2. Use serial key to activate
  3. Enjoy!!!!