Reliance Free 3G Gprs Trick 2015

Reliance is leading favorite telecom network for free internet 3g trick. Many of user are mostly depend on Reliance android gprs trick since it was working from a long time without sim blocking and that too with full data bandwidth speed. But today on 29 January 2015 host blocked in some area. Many of you might be very disappointing and lost there main data balance. But do not fear we are here to help you get free internet for lifetime with an exclusive alternative trick.
This hack can be used with two different data plans. On both it will work 100% without any difference. You will experience high download & browsing speed in smartphone-laptop pc as before. This is tweaked with Facebook host which is still working. Check the screenshot of speed which I got in day time.

Steps On How To Setup Reliance 3g Proxifier Trick: 

we are sharing Reliance Proxifier trick. All you need to do is just follow below mentioned steps carefully. I will tell in such a way that even newbie can use this trick without any problem.
  • Download Reliance Proxifier
  • Install Software and use this registration key to Work.
  • After that download this Proxifier Config which is the main part of this trick
  • Now in Proxifier, click on File -> Import Profile...
  • Now select / choose the Proxifier Config which you downloaded in third point.

Requirement For Reliance 3G Trick To Work: 

Reliance 3G Activated Sim. You can choose any plan between these two -
  • 3G MobileNet 97 + Facebook Plan Of Rs. 16 
  • Activation: Rs. 97 - > MN97 to 53739 or *565*097# 
  • Also Activate: Facebook Plan (Rs. 16) - > ACT FB to 53739 
  1. Rs. 177 3G Plan | 2GB +Unlimited 
  2. FB,Twitter,Whatsapp+Jadoo Benefit: 
  3. Activation: *777*177# 
Now its up-to you to choose between any above plan. Even if you choose second one, only Facebook host is working for free internet. So its better to choose first one as its cheaper. Now after activating above plan its time to use the trick. Make sure your minimum balance must be more than Re. 1 to make the this trick work.

How To Use Reliance Proxifier Trick 

  1. if you are connecting internet on pc via mobile then create new setting in mobile. 
  2. Use this access point - smartwap 
  3. If you are using Dongle then Go to options -> Profile Management -> Create New Setting with above access point. 
  4. Now make sure proxifier is open before connecting to the internet. 
  5. After connection you will be able to use free internet on any browser. 
  6. You will get high speed browsing and unlimited downloading via IDM [1 Mb/ sec].

Ashish Kumar

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