WhatsFapp 1.05 Use three whatsapp accounts in one phone including two whatsapp+ reborn
  • Hide Last Seen, Blue Ticks, Double Ticks, Typing for groups & contacts
  • Group Statistics
  • Image and video Previews
  • Dual Two WhatsApp+ Reborn accounts (Total three 3 accounts including official whatsapp) in one android phone
  • Package name changed to com.whatsfapp & cum.whatsfapp
  • Themed Blue (Boys’ ♂ color) + Pink (Girls’ ♀ color) material design
  • AntiBan code and app expiry extension tricks added
  • All WhatsApp+ Reborn features included
What’s New
  • [Fixed] “Showing” privacy mods not working properly
  • [Fixed] Icons not changing
  • [Fixed] Attach Web bug
  • Changed folder from /WhatsApp/Osm to /WhatsApp/Fap
  • Changed com.whatsfupp to cum.whatsfapp and named it “Fapp” so You got “Fapp” and “WhatsFapp” in launcher
How To Install ?
Direct Download Link
  1. Install original whatsapp from play store
  2. Register number 1 and verify it.
  3. Do some chat and backup conversations 2-3 times
  4. Now go into “APP INFO” for official whatsapp and “CLEAR DATA”
  5. Install WhatsFapp (com.whatsfapp),enter Number 1 and restore chat backup so number 1 is settled now
  6. Now open official whatsapp and enter number 2 , verify it and do some chat again
  7. Backup chats 2-3 times and clear data of official whatsapp
  8. Now Install WhatsFupp (cum.whatsfapp) and enter number 2 there , restore chat so number 2 is settled now
  9. Open official whatsapp and verify number 3 so number 3 is also settled now
  10. Enjoy 2 accounts with whatsapp+ reborn and 1 account on official whatsapp share this mod to your friends