Download Gigato & get 150 mb free 3g data

Stop waiting for wifi now because Gigato is here!
Gigato is new android app which gives you free megabytes (mb) of 3G data just for performing some small tasks.
Currently, as a part of promotion Gigato app is offering 150-300 MB free 3g data.
Steps to avail free 3G data using Gigato

1) Using this link, download Gigato app from android play store.
2) Just register an account and you will get 150 mb or 300 mb 3g data as per the location.
3) You can also try out some apps listed on Gigato for earning more free 3g data.
App Details :
Size – 3.3 MB
Requires android version 4.1 and above.
Gigato supports all mobile network operators in India. So keep enjoying apps along with free mobile data. 

Ashish Kumar

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