Windows 10 RS1 Build 14291
Windows 10 is familiar and easy to use, with lots of similarities to Windows 7 including the Start menu. It starts up and resumes fast, has more built-in security to help keep you safe, and is designed to work with software and hardware you already have. So Why become late ? Get Windows 10 Final Build on your devices today !
  • Windows 10: They want list
  • Add tabs to Windows Explorer/File Explorer
  • Make Windows Update a one-stop shop for ALL drivers
  • Kill off all Aero-themed objects
  • Bring back Aero Glass!
  • Persian calendar
  • Pin ANYTHING to the Start menu
  • A new Notepad.exe
  • Remixing the Volume Mixer
  • Drag-and-drop apps between virtual desktops
What’s New in Build 14291

Start and Cortana

  • Cortana can now provide turn-by-turn directions with the new Maps app


  • Edge has been updated from version 31.14279 to 34.14291
  • Edge now supports Extensions
  • Extensions can now add an icon to the address bar
  • Tabs can now be pinned to the tab bar
  • The address bar now supports “Paste and go”
  • The address bar now supports “Paste and search”
  • When the window becomes to narrow, the Hub, Web Notes and Share button will appear in the ellipses menu as icons instead of text
  • The padding between the URL bar and Hub-icon is slightly larger
  • Edge now supports VP9 behind a flag


  • Windows now has a one-handed Japanese kana keyboard
  • The Text Input Canvas has a new Japanese lined-mode


  • The Alarms & clocks app now can use an inline time selector
  • Windows Maps has been redesigned
  • The Windows Feedback app has been removed
  • The Insider Hub app has been renamed to Feedback Hub and can now process Feedback

Fixed issues

  • The system tray’s layout is no longer disrupted by enabling “Always show all icons in the notification area”
  • The connection to older Wi-Fi networks that use WEP encryption is no longer broeken
  • The “Find of Page” toolbar now always displays its close-button on-screen for 8-inch devices
  • Fixes an issue where the notification area would display the old USB icon when ejecting drives
  • Fixes an issue in Edge that caused a suggested search to result in a URL to the search as the search string
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